L’Oréal Egypt launches 4th Skin and Hair Summit

Daily News Egypt
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L’Oréal Egypt has launched the fourth edition of its annual skin and hair care event, titled Skin and Hair Summit, in the presence of more than 400 leading dermatologists in Egypt. The conference discussed the latest studies and researches on the latest international developments in the skin and hair health.

Mohamed El Araby, General Manager of Active Cosmetics Divion in L’Oréal Egypt, said the summit confirms L’Oréal’s interest and commitment towards the development of skin and hair health sector in Egypt through providing the latest studies in this field under one umbrella, which is this summit.

He announced that L’Oréal has launched a new electronic platform, SkinAlliance, in the Egyptian market to enable dermatologists in Egypt to access the latest research and laboratory studies, and exchange experience among physicians around the world.

El Araby told Daily News Egypt that L’Oréal aims to attract 600 Egyptian doctors to join the platform by the end of year.

Rehab Hegazy, a dermatologist and cosmetics consultant, said the SkinAlliance is one of the largest platforms that provide the opportunity for experience exchange among dermatologists in 120 countries.

To access the platform, dermatologists are required to submit their curriculum vitarum.

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