LDC, GPX Egypt to jointly offer Azure Stack Services

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Link Datacentre (LDC), partners with GPX Egypt to provide a variety of data hosting solutions both on Azure and its local data centres, and managed services to cross vertical enterprises, both companies revealed on Tuesday.

Azure Stack services, the latest addition to LDC’s infrastructure portfolio is now hosted at GPX’s next generation data centre present in Cairo.

Azure stack, the latest innovation in Microsoft’s line of infrastructure solutions allows users to benefit from the advantages of Azure cloud hosting, but with local hosting confined by geographical borders to satisfy various regulatory and sovereignty policies.

This new solution follows the latest in cloud hosting trends, according to global research and advisory firm Gartner, private cloud technology and hybrid cloud computing; where organisations combine between private and public cloud, is set to experience a surge in demand and development over the coming period.

“Selecting GPX Egypt’s Tier 4 facility to host Azure Stack services adds a new dimension of enhanced stability, availability, and connectivity to this new service. Our strong partnership with GPX has paved the way for this unique opportunity to combine world class data centre design, and the latest in hybrid computing ” Gamal Selim, CEO of Link Datacentre

Hosting Azure stack services at GPX Egypt further elevates your service stability, performance, and security. In addition, GPX Egypt’s dedicated data line from the multiple telecom providers omits any latency problems and guarantees faster accessibility to your critical data and systems. This fruitful partnership is a major leap in the quality of hosting services as it offers the compounded benefits of both Azure Stack and world class hosting. 

“With the introduction of this new offering, we expect a major transformation in the region’s hosting market. Our confidence in LDC’s expertise, the quality of our datacentre, coupled with the acute shortage in the market for this kind of service makes us very optimistic about the success of this offering,” said GPX Managing Director, Rick Uhler.

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