Cabinet meeting takes place in New El-Alamein City, PM expects it as 2nd capital soon

Taha Sakr
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The Egyptian government held on Wednesday its weekly meeting for the first time in its new cabinet headquarter located in Egypt’s Mediterranean coast city of New El-Alamein City. During the meeting, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly expected that New El-Alamein City will be Egypt’s second capital in the future.

According to the press statement issued by the cabinet, the new headquarter of the cabinet in the New El-Alamein City consists of four floors, a main meeting room, a media centre, and a residence for members of the Egyptian government.

The meeting witnessed the presence of different ministers with the aim of delivering a message to the world that Egypt is moving toward new horizons through expanding in cities and establishing new communities.

Madbouly noted that there is a will to maintain activity in the city year-round and not only during the summer, therefore there is a residential area under construction, beside an industrial one and other educational institutions such as universities and schools.

“What has been achieved from projects in the New El-Alamein City during the last two years is clear evidence that we are on the right track in establishing new cities and urbanisation. I expect that this city will be the second capital of Egypt,”  Madbouly said during the meeting.

During the visit Madbouly reviewed a number of projects that are being executed in the city of New El-Alamein nowadays such as the National University, the industrial zone, and the city of Heritage and Culture, which is still under construction.

New el-Alamein City is being established on an area of 50,000 feddan and it is considered the first model of a new generation of cities in Egypt. The city is being designed to accommodate more than 3 million inhabitants with the end of the first construction phase.

The city comes with a new concept of an open-to-the-public tourism city on the North Coast and adopts a different approach than the private resorts situated across the sea line, and some analysts consider the city as an alternative to living in the crowded capital of Cairo.

The construction of the city is divided into number of phases, the first one is comprised of two main parts, totalling 8,000 acres and will be ready to host 400,000 residents, while the coastal part of the first phase is divided into three sections which are international tourism, the archaeological, and the urban sectors.

Construction work on the New Alamein City project is being conducted by The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, and both are working on the establishment of the city’s facilities, including a water plant, electrical networks, and infrastructure such as sanitation.

Regarding roads that lead to the city, the Arab Contractors Company is working on establishing an alternative coastal road which stretches for 38 km and has five driving lanes with two service lanes and is located south of the city, while the ministry of housing is working with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority to build social housing units.

A mall is also under construction by five companies which are Samco, Orascom, Arab Contractors, SIAC, and Hassan Allam Sons.

The plan of the residential apartments in the city is divided into social housing apartments and premium housing apartments. The first phase will include 5,000 units, with sizes of 87m for the apartments of the social housing section and 95m for premium housing apartments.


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