Al-Sisi praises Egyptians’ strong will on 67th anniversary of 23 July revolution

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi greeted the Egyptian people on the 67th anniversary of the 23 July Revolution of 1952.

“The 23 July Revolution reflected the Egyptian people’s will to start a new phase of building their country based on the principles of justice and dignity,” Al-Sisi said on Facebook Tuesday.

On this occasion, the president pardoned 1,563 prisoners by an official decree. The decree indicates that convicts who have been handed life imprisonment will be pardoned in case they have spent at least 15 years in prison, and they will be subject to 5-year surveillance.

Additionally, prisoners who have spent one third the duration of their sentence will be pardoned also.

On the other hand, the US President Donald Trump has sent a cable on Tuesday to greet Al-Sisi on the Egyptian National Day, expressing his country’s aspiration to strengthen its partnership with Egypt.


“For decades, the United States and Egypt have enjoyed a strong partnership, rooted in our shared hope for a more peaceful, secure, and successful region. The US values our close cooperation on counterterrorism and security, and seeks to deepen our partnership on inclusive economic growth and greater educational and cultural ties,” said the cable.

“I extend Egyptians my warmest wishes for a productive and prosperous future. We look forward to a continued engagement, deepened friendship, and expanded cooperation in the coming year,” the message read.

On Monday, Al-Sisi said that the threat of terrorism was at the top of challenges faced by Egypt during the past years, while addressing military graduates on the anniversary of the revolution.

“The threat of terrorism was at the forefront of the challenges we faced over the past years, but thanks to the sacrifices of the great Egyptian army and its valiant police, we were able to besiege it, destroy its infrastructure, and defeat extremists’ hotbeds,” he said.

“[The July Revolution] is a precious page in the history of Egypt. It defended the nation’s future and managed to change life in the country, making a radical change in the history of modern Egypt,” he said.

Moreover, during the ceremony, the president also praised the Egyptian people for their devoutness, and commitment towards the preservation of their country throughout all difficult stages.

“We have adopted a promising comprehensive economic reform plan to rebuild our national economy. We have made accomplishments that were recognized by the whole world,” Al-Sisi said, adding that the Egyptian people were the real heroes behind these achievements.

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