MoI arrests 8 people accused of involvement in “Plan of Hope”

Daily News Egypt
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The ministry of the interior (MoI), announced on Tuesday, that it has thwarted a plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to target state institutions on the anniversary of the celebration of the 30 June mass protests.

According to the statement of the MoI, the scheme included allocating 19 economic entities worth EGP 250m to spend on that plot.

The ministry announced that it has arrested eight of those involved in the plan; Mustafa Abdel Moez Abdel Sattar; Osama El Akbawi; Ahmed El Ghannam; Omar El Shaniti; Hossam Mo’nis; Ziad Al-Alimi; Hisham Fuad, and Hassan Barbari.

The statement said that the National Security Sector has been monitoring “the hostile plan under the name of “Plan of Hope”, prepared by the fugitive leaders of the terrorist group, in coordination with provocative elements affiliated to the group, but claiming that they are representatives of civil political forces.”

“The plan is based on providing financial support from the revenues and profits of some economic entities managed by the leaders of the group and provocative elements to target the state and its institutions,” according to the statement. The Brotherhood is declared as a terrorist group in Egypt.

The scheme is also based on creating paths of financial flows illegally from abroad through cooperation between “the terrorist group” and some provocative elements in some countries hostile to Egypt, to finance anti-country movements to carry out acts of violence and riot against state institutions.

These moves were set to be applied at the same time of creating revolutionary momentum and intensifying provocative propaganda calls through social media and satellite channels broadcast from abroad.

According to the statement, the scheme includes Brotherhood prominent members: Mahmoud Hussein and Ali Batikh, and media broadcasters: Moataz Matar, and Mohammed Nasser, in addition to the Turkey-based politician Ayman Nour.

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