Thanaweya Amma applied math ‘statics’ reportedly leaked on exams’ fourth day

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The Thanaweya Amma high school applied math ‘Statics’ exam has been reportedly leaked only a few minutes from the starting time, according to state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper.


Parts of Saturday’s exam were leaked on social media cheat pages on the fourth day of high school national exams, Al-Ahram clarified.


The ministry of education stated that it is working to identify the student responsible for leaking the exam on cheat pages.


Around 117,331 students of the math’s division have been taking their exams this year. They already took ‘English’, ‘Arabic Language’, and ‘Religious Education’ last week.


No exam has been passed without parts of it being leaked on social media. A student responsible for leaking the ‘Arabic Language’ exam in an exam panel in Damietta last week has been subjected to some disciplinary sanctions.


The student reportedly took a photo of the exam and published it on social media cheat pages.


The ministry of education also took disciplinary measures against the head and the supervisors of the exam panel in Damietta including deducing their salaries and depriving some of them from monitoring exam panels for the next five years.


Despite the repetition of the action over recent years, the ministry has failed to control the leaking process but did make an effort to set some rules to limit it.


Students are not allowed to possess a mobile or any electronic device during the exams (even if they are switched off). Anyone who attempts to print, publish, broadcast, or circulate exams can face more than a year of imprisonment and a fine that is between EGP 10,000 and EGP 50,000 as well as being deprived of taking exams.


A total of 669,749 students are taking their exams in 2019, according to the education ministry. A number of 373 students take the STEM exams in 11 exam panels across the country, with 192 visually impaired students also taking their exams in 23 panels. Meanwhile, 40 female and male students take their exams in hospitals. Whereas 45 students take their exams in prison.

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