Dahab listed top one of MENA’s best beaches

Bassant Mohammed
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Dahab has been featured as the most beautiful beach alongside eight others in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to National Geographic’s “Best Beaches in the Middle East” list.

As Dahab is one of the most treasured diving spots, it also has some of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife in all of Egypt. For instance, the corals in Dahab, according to National Geographic, are among the “healthiest in the region”.

National Geographic’s list also referred to one of Dahab’s illustrious sites: the Blue Hole. This diving site is a submarine sinkhole more than 91-metre-deep that is widely known among professional drivers, the list explained.

The Blue Hole is believed to be the deadliest diving site in the world with an arch that is 26-metre tunnel leading divers from the blue hole to the open water.

There are claims that the hole took the lives of 130 to 200 divers in recent years proving to be a deadly challenge.

Above the water and on Dahab’s coastline, visitors can witness the beautiful Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate which houses about a 165 plant species–some of which are rare kinds–and several desert animals.

Moreover, Dahab is also home to one of the best snorkelling spots in all of Egypt.

When in Dahab, divers can also go on exploratory diving trips where the SS Thistlegorm, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, lies at the bottom of the sea.

The SS Thistlegorm is a British cargo ship that sank in 1941 after being attacked by the Germans during the Second world war. At the time, it was loaded with arms supplies, including ammunition, armoured vehicles, military motorcycles, guns, and aircraft spare parts.

The shipwreck was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1955 and is now the jewel of diving in the Red Sea. It is about 30m metres deep in the shallow water.

Aside from Egypt’s Dahab, the eight other beaches from the region that made it to the list include Jordan’s Dead Sea Beach, Ölüdeniz Beach in Turkey, Tyre Beach in Lebanon, Kite Beach and Saadiyat Beach in the UAE, Salalah Beach in Oman, Djerba in Tunisia, and Nissi in Cyprus.

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