Press Syndicate files lawsuit against SMC sanction list

Daily News Egypt
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Head of the Press Syndicate, Diaa Rashwan, filed a lawsuit on Sunday before the Administrative Court

regarding the recently-drafted list of sanctions issued by the Supreme Media Council (SMC) to demand its suspension and cancellation.

The syndicate is scheduled to discuss each article of the list and already have previously sent its comments to the SMC.

The syndicate will provide its opinion in accordance to constitutional articles 70, 71, 72, 77, and 76 of the Syndicates Law, Rashwan added.

The SMC prepared a sanctions list to face any media violations or irregularities in late 2018. The list was officially published on 18 March and included 29 articles specifying the violations.

The list covers all media violations starting from rumours; disrespecting others’ opinions; defamations; disgracing someone’s honour; libel and slander; inciting violence or hatred; invasion of privacy; violating the code of children; women; people with special needs, and it was recently approved by the council.

Previously, over 600 journalists and public figures have submitted a memorandum to the syndicate rejecting the list which was also recently approved by parliament. Some of them vowed to file a lawsuit before the Administrative Court.

Renowned journalist Rashwan was elected for the presidency of Egypt’s Press Syndicate in the mid-term election which took place in March. The syndicate’s council has not yet been formed since the election.

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