Why Ramadan is the ideal month for job seekers

Amir Reza
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While Ramadan offers an opportunity to reflect, reinvent, and refresh, the holy month also serves as a chance to step back from the mainstage and take a breather from the usual hustle and bustle of life.

But, did you also know, Ramadan poses an ideal time for job seekers to continue their search and capitalise on resources that are most likely to go unnoticed during this month? Here’s why the holy month is a good time for job seekers.

Ramadan creates more opportunity, less competition

There is some truth in the fact that Ramadan is a fairly-in comparison-slow month due to shorter working hours. However, the month has little to no effect on employees in the recruitment and human resources (HR) industry as they are constantly on the clock to fill vacancies. For job seekers, this works in their favour as a few of them may believe that the hiring process may have come to a standstill, therefore creating greater opportunity and less competition for the rest who decide to continue their job search.

Amir Reza

Ramadan offers an opportunity to improve

With shorter working hours, job seekers are able to take a break from applying for placements, and dedicate more time toward building their professional identity. This proves to be a great opportunity for those on the hunt to refresh, revamp, and create role-focused resumés. It also allows them to thoroughly research their industry, highlight skills that catch the eye of recruiters and HR managers, and most importantly, create a positive application for a position. According to a survey by Bayt.com, 79.1% of MENA professionals said they planned to spend more time looking for new job roles during Ramadan. This is simply attributed to the fact that job seekers are able to disregard distractions and focus on their career goals with ample time on hand.

Even though there is much to work with in favour of candidates during the holy month, it is imperative to understand how individuals themselves can best represent their skillset to companies on the hunt for new employees.

First impressions count

Many people tend not to focus on updating their resumés, let alone improving them. It is extremely crucial to understand that a resumé is a textual representation of who one is. Highlight best skills, best qualities, relevant job experience and keep it simple. Bullet points are highly advised. Remember, recruiters on an average utilise six to10 seconds to skim through a resumé. Tell all in that timeframe and attempt to deliver what they are looking for.

 Refrain from serial applying

A big negative for recruiters and HR managers alike is serial applying. Candidates who apply to any and all vacancies are more likely to be blocked, marked as spam, or looked over, as it portrays a hasty and careless image. Serial applying is a sure way to be left out in the crowd.

In addition to the above, it is best advice to utilise time effectively by applying for skill-building courses, constantly check on online job boards, and, network with other professionals in the industry of interest at Iftars and Suhoors organised by groups, all in a bid to maintain consistency and to drive you one step closer to securing a job.

Amir Reza is the founder of Harmony Connections, a UAE-based, boutique recruitment agency.

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