Meteorological Authority warned specialists of Assiut floods 72 hours beforehand: chairperson

Tamer Farhat
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The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) issued two warnings to the concerned specialists about potential heavy rains 72 hours and 24 hours beforehand, Ahmed Abdel Aal, chairperson of the EMA, told Daily News Egypt.

He pointed out that Assiut has not actually witnessed floods, but the heavy rain accumulated in a specific area causing damage, noting that it was not like last year’s floods in Marsa Alam, the Red Sea for example.

Regarding fears of floods, as was the case in Kuwait over the past few days, Abdel Aal asserted that Egypt is ready to face floods, ruling out the experience of what other countries have recently witnessed. Egypt does not generally have floods, but what really happens is heavy rains which turns into floods due to the mountainous terrain.

The EMA chairperson assured citizens that temperatures will go back up to normal, and then will increase by one or two degrees during the upcoming days, with a possibility of rainfall in several areas.

Some governorates have witnessed severe rainfall, causing some damage, especially in Assiut where heavy rain resulted in the collapse of 42 homes in the Azaba Saeed village in the centre of Abnob city. The monastery of Prince Tadros in Assiut also suffered from destruction after the sweeping floods damaged its walls, causing the death of one person.

The ministry of social solidarity said in a statement issued on Friday that they offered the necessary aid to the affected families, offering shelter inside a camp, and distributing 400 blankets and mattresses. The ministry also disbursed EGP 100 for each individual daily.

Governor of Assiut Gamal Nour El Dein formed a committee to follow-up on the situation and provide compensations for the affected families.

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