USAID provides Egypt’s entrepreneurship with $42.8m

Hagar Omran
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Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy in Egypt, Dorothy Shea

“The US government is devoted to supporting Egypt’s entrepreneurship,” said Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy in Egypt, Dorothy Shea, adding that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided the Egyptian entrepreneurship market with about $42.8m over the years.

“USAID’s entrepreneurship programmes aims at developing skills of the workforce, promoting entrepreneurship,” mentioned Shea on Monday during her inaugural speech at the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 which was organised by the American Centre.

“Entrepreneurship is key for creating jobs which helps the communities. Hundreds of start-ups have been launched all over Egypt recently, and I had the privilege to meet some of them,” added Shea, noting that the US government is committed to supporting the startups, innovation and helping entrepreneurs to build the needed skills for success.

 “We conduct various programmes to support entrepreneurs as we send them to the US to engage more and benefit from the experience of our entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Shea.

Shea added that the embassy partners with local businesspersons as well as civil society to bring trainings for the entrepreneurs and organise workshops aiming that the benefits of boosting entrepreneurship will reach every sector of the Egyptian society.

“The US government promotes the Egyptian entrepreneurship over organising job fairs, technology trainings and business seminars as well as entrepreneurship competitions,” elaborated Shea.

“The US government believes in the entrepreneurship as a mean of achieving economic sustainable growth and increasing global prosperity,” asserted Shea.

“Over the Global Entrepreneurship Week, there will be many successful stories which also includes struggles faced by some startups for inspiring other youth, and help them for better planning,” affirmed Shea.

“The Global Entrepreneurship Week will last for six days including various activities and workshops, affirmed Shea,” noting, “I am pleased to be a part of this event, engaging with the self startups, students and community leaders of youth, we believe in you.”

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