Palestinians hold general strike against Israeli national law

Daily News Egypt
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A general strike was declared on Monday in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip as well as a number of Arab villages inside Israel against Israel’s controversial ‘national state’ law, according to Palestinian media.


The public and private institutions, except health units, closed its doors, as well as schools, and universities.

Palestinians took part in the strike in solidarity with Israeli Arab protests against the Israeli law.

Earlier in September, representatives of Arab Israeli, East Jerusalem, and West Bank factions agreed on a general strike against the Israeli law.


They called on a statement the United Nations, international community, and human rights organisations to reject the law.


The law which was passed in January this year by the Israeli parliament stated that Israel is the official homeland for the Jewish people, and asserted that the Jewish people have the right of self-determination in Israel, and set up the Hebrew above Arabic as the official language.


The bill which sparked an outrage among Arabs and Palestinians raises concerns over the two-state solution, as it includes clauses that a ‘united Jerusalem’ is the capital of Israel.

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