Travelpass new innovative solution from Mastercard

Nevine Kamel
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Barcelona –Travelpass, the identity of any trip. It is a mobile application that allows a passenger to arrange all his trip through this application. It needs to scan a passport, read credit card ship, and do a face identification. Once done, the Travelpass is created. This pass allows the passenger per example to choose the way of transportation to the hotel, to check in online and to have all pieces of information needed for his trip. Restaurants and make reservations it can present recommendations.

Another app, concerning doing shopping once in a shop and found a product, as soon the consumer scans it, he gets all pieces of information concerning the item and other products similar not even available in a store and once he chooses what he needs he can order it and receive it.

Another third service concerning financial inclusion. To encourage more financial including Mastercard launched an application for farmers. It contains all information needed, such as a calendar crop, suppliers, price, date of delivery, and all transactions can be done through this application. Mastercard decided to start with the farmer as they present a big percentage of the population.

And in order to avoid any risk, Mastercard elaborates on providing security for accounts and transactions of all consumers.

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