ADSL market gets 100,000 new clients in April

Daily News Egypt
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According to a report by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the number of internet customers has increased from 5.5 million in March 2018 to 5.6 million in April.

The report explained that Telecom Egypt received 240,000 new landline subscribers in April, which brought the total number up from 7.2 million in March to 7.4 million in April.

The internet market added 6.4 million customers in December, as the total number of internet users increased from 34.9 million in November 2017 to reach 41.3 million in December.

The mobile internet users growth contributed to the increase in total number of mobile users, where the mobile internet users increased by 23.3%.

The base of mobile internet increased from 26.6 million in November to 32.8 million in December.

In addition, USB modem users increased slightly from 3.2 million in November to 3.3 million in December.

Similarly, ADSL users increased 1.7% in December, rising from 5.1 million in November to 5.2 million in December.

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