We scores ADSL revenues growth of 42%

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

The ADSL revenues of We have increased by 42% in the current year against the previous year. According to a report by Telecom Egypt, revenues of landlines services were also up by 11%.

The report stated that the average revenue from the retail ADSL service has risen by 19% this year, while the number of subscribers increased by 20% to reach 4 million, hence acquiring a stake of 78% of the Egyptian ADSL market.

Telecom Egypt’s revenue from the Enterprise Sector also increased by 11% this year. The report said that TE increased ADSL speeds to about 60% of its clients to 4 MB/S, thanks to installing fibre optics.

The report said the company was able to secure its long-term revenue thanks to its roaming agreement with other mobile operators and its infrastructure lease agreement.

Telecom Egypt signed a number of agreements with rival operators this year, including a memorandum of understanding with Etisalat for local roaming, which materialized into an agreement through to 2022.

The company also signed a memorandum of understanding on local roaming with Orange Egypt, as well as an agreement with Orange for data until 2020 to offer bit stream.

In addition, TE signed a 10-year agreement to share sites with Etisalat and renewed international voice agreement with Vodafone to 2022 and transmission and infrastructure agreement to 2020.

Telecom Egypt began offering its services as the first integrated operator in the telecommunications sector after providing mobile services in September. It has since attracted 2.3 million users.

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