DMS awarded project to automate state-expense treatment

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Data Management Systems (DMS) won the tender for the redevelopment of the health treatment project at the expense of the state, which serves 14 million citizens a year.

The project includes linking 300 hospitals through one network to ensure communication between hospitals in an easy and fast pace. The project will also develop solutions and programmes to benefit doctors and citizens.

Hatem Khairallah, managing director of DMS, said that the development aims to reduce the waiting time for citizens to one hour—down from three months—adding that the project will be completed within three years.

The general budget and actual financial allocations of the Ministry of Health reached EGP 48bn in the current fiscal year, including EGP 2.5bn on patients, EGP 2.5bn on health insurance, and EGP 10bn on medicine. This means that under the budget, spending per capita is close to EGP 100 per year. The provisions of treatment using state expenses are set to be increased from EGP 4.2bn to EGP 5.2bn.

The Ministry of Finance allocated EGP 61.8bn for the health sector within the new state budget, which is EGP 13bn higher than the FY 2017/2018 budget, which reached EGP 48bn.

The health sector allocation statement was as follows: EGP 31.6bn for wages; EGP 12.4bn for the purchase of goods and services; EGP 120m in interest; EGP 5.22bn for subsidies, grants, and social advantages; EGP 1.24bn in other expenses; and EGP 11.15bn for investments.

The government subsidies for health insurance and the purchase of medicines decreased in the new budget, at EGP 3.34bn, down from EGP 3.83bn last year.

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