US embassy signs installed in Jerusalem

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Israeli authorities on Monday installed three signs in Hebrew, Arabic, and English along roads leading to the US consulate building in south Jerusalem, which will become the main building of the US embassy in Israel on 14 May, according to Reuters.  

Installing the signs comes one week ahead of the official relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in line with the recent decision by US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  

In December, Trump declared his country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, ordering his secretary of state to take all necessary preparations to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, despite Arab rejections and international reactions.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat wrote on his Twitter account: “This is not a dream. It is reality. I am proud and moved to have hung this morning the first new signs that were prepared for the US embassy.” Barkat said that the move is a historic event, describing Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.”

For his part, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s executive committee, called upon states’ representatives and diplomatic missions, religious authorities, and civil society to boycott the celebration of relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem.  

Erekat said in a statement on Monday that participating in the celebration gives legality to an illegal decision and boosts international silence in the face of the “occupation’s policies.” He added that Washington neglected international law and that this move is not only illegal, but also will fail in achieving fair peace between Palestine and Israel.

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