Samsung introduces latest products equipped with Bixby smart assistant

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At its 8th forum for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Samsung MENA Forum 2018, held in Rome, Samsung Electronics reviewed its vision of open innovation and collaboration to create smart, concise, and more connected experiences that will simplify and enhance customers’ lives.

The company unveiled its future strategy to enhance the features of its Internet of Things (IoT)-based products by developing and integrating smart objects and artificial intelligence to unify and connect all connected Samsung devices in homes.

In addition to its commitment to enhance all of its devices with IoT technologies, 90% of its devices will be turned into smart ones by 2020.

The company announced that all its hardware categories will become smart as well.

By integrating the Bixby audio plugin with a selection of smart home appliances, the company is developing its approach to enhance the concept of intelligence across a range of devices to make everyday life easier.

During the forum, the company reviewed a range of its new products, including the new 85-inch QLED TV, the QuickDrive connected washing machine, and the Galaxy A8 smartphone.

In addition to its new range of products, Samsung has demonstrated how to integrate the SmartThings platform across all its devices to seamlessly connect all devices under one simple platform, managed by a single, ubiquitous cloud, accessible through a single global application.

“The key to embedding innovation in all our products is enhancing internet technologies with more intelligent features. We aim to make the use of smart devices simpler in a way that enriches the lives and experience of customers, which will help us to take greater strides towards realising our vision of building a world that is fully connected with intelligence and privacy,” said Jaehwan Lee, president of Samsung Electronics Egypt.

At its forum this year, Samsung launched its annual induction programme, which allows the audience to experience its new products. He briefed guests on the latest products and innovations of Samsung in 2018.

Introducing new innovations, 8K QLED TV is the beginning of a new era for televisions with the world’s first artificial intelligence technology to enhance the ultimate viewing experience and enable Samsung’s customers to interact with the TV smoothly.

Artificial intelligence in the new QLED TV uses automatic learning to analyse content and automatically upgrades low-resolution images to 8K unique content with superior display quality.

With other features, such as enhanced detail viewing, noise reduction, and automatic audio settings, Samsung’s new TV enhances the viewing experience and upgrades any type of content from any source to a high quality 8K image.

Samsung has also enhanced its smart TV line-up with the SmartThings platform, which allows users to communicate and interact with a television as a natural extension of their homes.

With the benefits of this platform, Samsung Smart TVs become the core control panel of the entire system, allowing users to manage and track all their connected devices via an innovative TV that suits their lifestyle.

In addition, the company introduced the new NW700 Soundbar Sound+, which enhances the integrity of the home entertainment experience and gives users an immersive viewing experience and a unique listening experience.

It is equipped with a built-in speaker and other features such as noise-cancelling and large-scale speakers, all in a slim design that fits perfectly into the home entertainment space. The NW700 also improves sound quality.

The speakerphone also supports three audio modes, including standard mode; surround mode, which expands surround sound performance; and intelligent mode, which automatically adjusts volume and surround sound effects. Through these modes, users can customise their listening experience to enjoy a smooth, smart, and connected home entertainment experience.

Samsung MENA Forum 2018 unveiled a unique range of home appliances with unique innovations that allow users to live seamlessly in a connected home and enhance smart internet experiences.

During the forum, Samsung reviewed an integrated system of products designed to simplify users’ experience.

Personal devices are at the heart of these technologies, providing real integration between communication technologies and smart features with intelligent object recognition technology and Bixby audio assistant to create intelligent lifestyles through seamless and innovative communication experiences.

Samsung’s latest range of smartphones introduce a range of advanced features and improved functionality for the Bixby audio assistant.

During the forum, the company reviewed its latest phones such as the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy A8, launched in January 2018. This is a premium phone in the middle-class smartphones category because it has great features and technologies at a reasonable price.

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