Features of new 18: 9 screens

Daily News Egypt
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The majority of smartphone manufacturers have recently moved to the new dimensions of 18: 9 screens in their new phones. But what are the advantages of these dimensions and what are the consumer benefits from these new standards?

Daily News Egypt outlines the most important features of the new standards for the dimensions of smartphone screens.

The new 18: 9 dimensions is considered a breakthrough in the world of design for mobile phones, for several reasons.

1- In terms of form, the phone is better for use, especially since the device will mostly consist of a screen without unused bezels on all four sides.

2- In terms of pure size, this criteria will allow the screen to display more content than previous dimensions.

3 – While watching videos, users will not see the black edges that would be surrounding videos from above and below.

If you play a video on two adjacent phones, one with the old dimensions, and the other on the new dimensions, you will, clearly, see the difference, making the new breakthrough a major factor in choosing new handsets.

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