Military tightens ‘siege’ of central, North Sinai: military spokesperson

Mohamed Ezz
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Military control over central and North Sinai is increasing as security forces are continuing the Sinai 2018 campaign that was launched last week.

According to military spokesperson Tamer Al-Refaie, four militants were killed in action in the latest clashes.

He also added that 417 individuals were arrested and are currently being interrogated.

Also, the military announced for the first time since the beginning of the campaign that three personnel were killed in action—two officers and a conscript.

The large-scale operation comes as Egyptian authorities have been repeatedly promising to eliminate militants from the Sinai Peninsula.

Since the start of the operation on 9 February, all Ministry of Interior forces have been placed on maximum alert nationwide as a precautionary measure.

The spokesperson said that the forces are currently trying to bring back normal life to the cities that witnessed clashes, with the cooperation of police forces. The military has praised the cooperation of the Sinai residents and their understanding attitude toward the nature of the full-scale operation, which includes maximum security measures.

In another context, on Monday, Egypt decided to open the main gate of the Rafah border crossing so that buses carrying patients and students from Gaza could move to and from Egypt.

Also, the statement said that previously arrested suspects who are proven to have not participated in any illegal activities were released.

In November 2017, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi vowed to restore stability by eradicating terrorism, placing the military and police in charge of completing the task within a period of three months. This had followed a massive first-of-its-kind terror attack on a mosque in Al-Arish city, killing at least 305 citizens.

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