Egyptian-Dutch Company for Food Industries achieves EGP 20m in sales in 2017

Selim Hassan
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The value of the Egyptian-Dutch Company for Packaging and Food Industries’ sales last year reached nearly EGP 20m and the company is seeking to increase the amount this year.

“The company is aiming to achieve a relative increase in its sales in 2018, but the volatility of global markets makes it difficult to determine the rate of growth,” said Sayed Shaalan, chairperson of the company.

Shaalan pointed out that this year’s performance is good, especially since the company managed to achieve about 23% of the value of last year’s sales in January alone.

He pointed out that Arab countries accounted for 70% of the company’s exports, while Eastern European markets accounted for the remaining percentage.

The company produces sugar, beans, chives, parsley, fennel, tahini, olives, and jam.

Shaalan pointed out that Egyptian exports need to activate the role of trade attachés abroad in order to achieve the growth rates targeted for Egyptian exports.

“International exhibitions represent a great importance for Egyptian products, as they help introduce customers abroad to our production, however, there is a lack of attention given to these events by Egyptian embassies, which often do not attend them, leaving a negative impact,” Shalaan added.

He said that exporting companies face several issues at Egyptian customs terminals at the time of obtaining documentation for shipments to travel, which prevents exporters from adhering to schedules specified with foreign importers.

Shaalan explained that the ports sometimes impose conditions that are unfair and do not meet the requirements of customers abroad.

“We must change the laws governing the export process to achieve high growth rates that reflect the real ability of Egyptian products,” he added.

Shaalan said that exports are among the most important sources of foreign currency after the deterioration of tourism conditions since the 2011 revolution.

He added that Egyptian food industries are solid but require further efforts by the government to provide a strong environment for them, which can attract domestic and foreign investments during the coming period.

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