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Honeywell negotiates to provide smart solutions for New Administrative Capital

We plan to turn Egypt into a major hub for our Middle East operations in the coming years, says Hashim

Honeywell International aims to transform its Egyptian branch into operations centre in the Middle East.

This comes as part of the company’s plan to increase its investments in Egypt. In addition to that, the company is negotiating with the Ministry of Petroleum to supply integrated technological solutions for petrochemical projects, according to Khaled Hashim, president for Honeywell in Egypt and Libya.

What are the main features of your plans for the coming period?

We have been operating in Egypt for 50 years. However, in the last two years, our number of employees increased by 100% as a result of the projects implemented with our increased investments in Egypt.

We aim to transform Egypt into a major hub for our Middle East operations in the coming years.

Over the past years, the company has invested heavily in the field of connectivity and the Internet of Things.

The company is currently implementing projects with the Egyptian government and the private sector in various commercial, health, and security sectors

Do you have plans to provide technological solutions to the new capital?

Negotiations are currently underway with the management of the New Administrative Capital to implement projects in several areas of smart cities that contribute to the transformation into an integrated smart city.

We have technological solutions and we have implemented them in a number of countries.

We are also cooperating with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and all its affiliates to implement projects in both security and fire systems.

Are there any future projects you are working on?

The company is currently coordinating with the Ministry of Petroleum to implement all projects related to petrochemicals and refineries, etc.

Furthermore, we aim to provide all technological solutions and techniques that contribute to maximising the targeted utilisation of these projects for the benefit of the ministry.

What is the size of your business?

The volume of Honeywell’s global business reached $40bn in 2016.

We provide many technological solutions such as automated control centres locally through various projects. This contributes to providing the highest level of control, efficient productivity, and security in various projects.

Such solutions will be of benefit when smart city projects are implemented if they allow city-based management to take full control of security and productivity in industrial or residential areas 24/7.

How do you see investment opportunities in Egypt under the state plan for digital transformation?

Digital transformation will provide new opportunities for extensive investment in the coming period.

Digital transformation communities must have a clear vision of how the digital transformation takes place, and there are many users who do not understand the digital transformation process.

Digital transformation needs three key factors for success: the human element, the component of the machine, and the component of operations.

How do you see the economic reforms carried out by Egypt recently?

Egypt has taken many reform measures, for example, the decision of the Central Bank of Egypt to float the pound is one of the most important decisions, which we expected to bring about significant achievements, in addition to recent economic reforms, which help companies to increase their investments in Egypt.

A third-party study was conducted on African markets, Asia, and the Middle East recently. This study showed that Egypt provides the best market to achieve high growth rates.

Digital transformation is also an essential part of the solutions we are implementing. This is the basis on which the project itself is built, whether a city, building, or airport, where we study the steps required in these processes in order to build integrated solutions.

These integrated solutions are built on Honeywell products and software, which distinguishes them from other companies.

What are the most prominent technological solutions for the company?

Honeywell has an integrated portfolio of software and products, including training and qualification for the human element.

In the past two years, Honeywell has undergone a number of changes from a product-based company to integrated solutions based on the internet of things. Thus, it has changed its logo to be based on the power of connected.

The company focuses on software and integrated solutions, and is not solely an industrial company anymore. It has become an integrated industrial software company that offers solutions in all fields from aviation, health, infrastructure, oil, gas, and chemicals, to software solutions for businesses and homes.

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