Shafiq renounces plans to run for 2018 presidential elections

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former Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq, (AFP File Photo)

Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister under deposed president Hosni Mubarak and a 2012 presidential candidate, announced that he will not be running for Egypt’s 2018 presidential election, in a statement published on his Twitter account.

The former air force pilot had announced his bid to run in 2018 elections earlier in November and returned to Egypt after residing in the United Arab Emirates since Islamist former president Mohamed Morsi’s government issued an arrest warrant for him in the aftermath of the 2012 presidential elections.

Shafiq said that he re-evaluated his prior stance to run for 2018 elections, considering the fact that his absence from the country for more than five years has barred him from the careful follow-up of the latest developments and achievements made in Egypt, despite the difficult circumstances created by the acts of violence and terrorism.

“I saw that I would not be the best person to lead state matters during the coming period,” said Shafiq, adding that he hopes that the country will successfully complete its developments and achievements.

The Egyptian National Movement Party, led by Ahmed Shafiq, issued a statement on Sunday, which stated that the party had authorised Shafiq to decide whether he is willing to run for the presidency or not; in the light of what is required by the public interest.

In the meeting of party leaders, Shafiq discussed the party’s participation in municipal elections, how can they increase local government’s authority, and grant more powers to the members of the local government and parties, by allowing them to participate in executive decisions.

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