Doctors’ Syndicate call American products boycott following Trump Jerusalem decision

Reem Hosam El-din
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Egypt’s Doctors’ Syndicate has announced that it condemns the decision recently made by US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on its members to boycott all American medications and equipment, where alternatives from other countries are available, until the “decision that’s disgraceful to all Arab countries and their people is rescinded.”

The syndicate stated that Trump’s decision is yet another move in a series of biased decisions taken collaterally with Israel at the expense of the usurped, legitimate rights of others.

The syndicate has also called upon all concerned parties to take the necessary measures to support national industries in the fields of medication and medical equipment as they are the real backbone for independent national decisions.

In a similar context, Al-Azhar’s Deputy Imam Abbas Shoman announced in a press release on Saturday that Al-Azhar is officially calling for boycotting all American products and any products that are be produced by Israel, in response to Trump’s recent announcement.

“I believe it should not be convenient for any Muslim or Christian to buy an American or Zionist product, and I believe other countries should be making a similar decision,” Shoman said in the release.

On his Facebook page, Shoman posted a list of 32 so-called “Zio-American” products.

On Wednesday, Trump officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, claiming that the move will eventually support a sustainable peace agreement between the two parties involved.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump’s decision and said that any peace agreement must include Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.

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