74 vessels cross Suez Canal in 24 hours

Nehal Samir
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The Suez Canal recorded on Saturday the highest number of single-day ship traffic in its history, with 74 large vessels crossing, which were also carrying the largest weight of shipments, at 5.2 million tonnes.

Furthermore, he added that the number of transiting vessels from the north reached 50 vessels, with loads of 3.1 million tonnes, while 24 vessels from the south crossed the canal’s new shipping route, with loads of 2.1 million tonnes.

Moreover, the transiting vessels from the north were led by the Danish container vessel Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, which is classified as one of the largest in the world.

It crossed the canal with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes and can carry up to 18,270 containers on its journey from Malta to Malaysia.

Another Danish container ship, MARGRETHE MAERSK, led the vessels that came from the south, with a load of of 200,000 tonnes.

Mamish said that Egypt is looking forward to taking advantage of the large volume of goods crossing the canal annually by implementing the canal area’s development project.

He added that Suez Canal area development project is the ambitious national project to change the marine and logistics services map in the region. It aims at creating an attractive environment for investment by establishing industrial zones and investment projects.

Moreover, he stressed that his authority’s efforts are evident through its permanent participation in all international conferences in Egypt and abroad to attract investors to this promising region, which is witnessing great investment demand from international companies.

Earlier, Mamish said that the Suez Canal witnessed, last Wednesday and Thursday, the crossing of 112 ships with a total load of 6.6 million tonnes, including 50 vessels from the north carrying 2.9 million tonnes and 62 vessels from the south, using the canal’s new shipping route, with a load of 3.7 million tonnes.

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