Cairokee to star in musical film chronicling their journey 

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Egypt’s most famous rock band Cairokee is going to star in a new musical film. The film features the band and the success it has achieved since it saw the light for the first time in 2003.

“The producers” is the company funding the film, whose date of release has yet to be announced.

For 14 years, Cairokee has been the youth’s most beloved rock band. With songs that describe Egypt’s social and political scene, their albums have been ranking top of Egypt’s music lists. Despite being banned from distribution on CDs or broadcast on radio channels, Cairokee’s latest album, “No’ta Beida” (A Drop of White), gathered more than 100 million views on all of their social media platforms put together.

They gained wide reputation through their song “Sout El-Horeya” (The Voice of Freedom) shot at Tahrir Square during 25 January revolution. Soon after, the band started documenting main political events through songs like “Ethbat Makanak” (Stay where you are) that portrayed the protesters’ side in Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes in November 2011 and “Yal Medan” (Oh, Square) in which they chronicled the days protesters spent in Tahrir Square.

Cairokeesongs are known for being the voice of young generations as they describe their feelings and thoughts honestly, far of social taboos.

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