AAIB opens its branches for primary school students within framework of its financial education programme

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In the belief that applying the definition of financial inclusion is one of the main pillars to achieve economic growth through reaching the different segments of society and raising awareness of banking services in activation of the financial education programme, the Arab African International Bank (AAIB) has started receiving primary school students as a first step towards receiving students from all levels. The students were handed simplified educational books about financial education given from the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI). This aims to introduce the students to the mechanism of banks and allowing them to be familiar with banking concepts and terms, as well as the different kinds of accounts, loans, and credit cards.

Since 2003, AAIB has been working on applying and spreading the sustainable development concepts in Egypt, as it was the first bank to apply these concepts in its daily banking transactions. The bank realises that financial institutions have a vital role in educating children and young people about the field in order to enhance their abilities to benefit from the different banking products.

In this regard, the bank produced a series of documentaries that showcase all banking services in a simplified way and made them available online, whether on the bank’s website or social media, in application of the sustainable development principles.

Since 2003, the bank has also been paying attention to spreading the banking culture among young people. It was the first bank to hold a first-of-a-kind annual competition for university students across the country to qualify and encourage students to develop and innovate banking services and products.

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