There is abuse by State Council towards women’s appointments in council: Gadallah

Nehal Samir
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Omnaya Gadallah, who filed a case against the State Council for refusing to enrol women in the State Council, said that there is abuse by the council towards women’s appointments in the council.

This came during the conference on the problems of women`s appointment in the judiciary, which was organised by the Nazra Institution for Women Studies and the Egyptian Women’s Issues Foundation.

Many activists in human and women’s rights attended this conference, such as Mozin Hassan, Azza Soliman, Mona Zuelfakar, Amal Abd El Hady, George Eshak, and some members of the 50th Committee to Amend the Constitution, such as Amr Elshobky and Amr Salah.

During the conference, they discussed the reasons for the absence of women from the State Council from a historical and legal point of view and talked about the lawsuit filed by advocate Omnia Gadallah, which is expected to be presented to the second session of the Supreme Court of Administration on Saturday 11 November.

Meanwhile, Gadallah reviewed a number of laws, articles of the Constitution, and international agreements that support women’s equality right in appointment in all judiciary institutions.

Moreover, she asked why she should not be appointed for four years now, and why the State Council is the opponent and the judge at the same time, noting that the number of female judges does not exceed half the number of male judges.

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