Mostadam Forum launches its fourth training course for young bankers in Egypt, Middle East

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Mostadam Forum will hold its fourth edition for young bankers from 5 to 8 November 2017.  The forum will provide an integrated training programme on Introduction to Sustainable Finance.

This comes within the framework of the forum’s keenness to prepare a new generation of bankers to be aware of the current developments in the world arena, with its opportunities and challenges, as part of the continuation of the forum for its effective role in laying the foundations of the concept of sustainable financing in Egypt and the Middle East.

The programme includes a discussion of several important points and elements, including Equator Principles, Sustainability Report, Financial Inclusion, and Socially Responsible investment.

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), is adopting this training course for the Mostadam Forum.

Since 2014, the forum has been able to rehabilitate and train a large number of young bankers. Sixty percent of the financial institutions operating in the Egyptian banking sector participated in the training programmes provided by the forum.  A number of students from some African and European countries joined the previous courses, which highlights the scientific content and experience of the professors and the world lecturers in the forum.

Mostadam Forum was launched as an initiative in 2014 by the Arab African International Bank in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Centre (ECRC), becoming the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East.

Dalia Abdel Kader, head of the Sustainability, Marketing, and Media Sector of the Arab African International Bank and chairperson of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB), participated in the meeting held by the Sustainable Banking Network of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which was held in Washington from 16 to 17 October 2017 under the title “Preparation of a national framework for sustainable financing”.

During the session, she presented the experience of Mostadam Forum aimed at activating sustainable financing, by qualifying a growing generation of bankers with an integrated understanding and knowledge of this specialisation capable of achieving growth and development in light of the latest developments and challenges of the 21st century.

The forum aims to change policies to include sustainable development goals and to work on products and services that serve the same purpose.

She also stressed that the programmes of developing sustainable policies will be ineffective if the curriculum is not reviewed in parallel to reflect the philosophy and principles of sustainability in the interrelationship between systems, noting that the curriculums of economics, finance, and accounting should include environmental sciences, society, and law to establish a balanced education system to achieve sustainable development.

She added that the educational curricula are still based on the approaches of the twentieth century, which was designed to achieve growth in only its material dimension, and therefore requires a radical change of curricula of education to achieve sustainable development in all dimensions.

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