Court approves Al-Azhar lawsuit, bans Islam El-Behiery TV show 

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The Misdemeanour Court of Misr Al-Qadima accepted the request of Scholar and TV presenter Islam El-Beheiry's defence lawyer, Gamil Saeed, to change the judge and delay the commencement of El-Beheiry's appeal hearing until 18 January.

Egypt’s Administrative Court approved on Sunday a lawsuit filed by Al-Azhar against  researcher and TV presenter Islam El-Beheiry, in which banned broadcasting his show “With Islam”.

The court order also included banning airing the show previous episodes and preventing the official authorities to invite him for any show aired on the satellite channels.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015 and accuses the TV presenter of “deliberately aiming to make people question their beliefs”.

In the lawsuit, Al-Azhar demanded the courts prevent the broadcasting of El-Beheiry’s show “With Islam”, which aired on the privately-owned TV channel Al Qahera Wel Nas.

El-Beheiry hosted a programme that is critical of certain aspects of Salafi teachings and some of their preachers. In many of his episodes, El-Beheiry showed clips from famous and respected Salafi preachers, followed by criticism of their religious arguments.

El-Beheiry was released from prison last month by a presidential pardon after serving a one-year prison sentence on charges of contempt of religion, after questioning the authenticity of some Sunni religious texts.

His show was suspended after several warnings from Al-Azhar and officials at the state-controlled Media Production City.

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