Trade and Industry Minister visits Polaris Industrial zone in 6th October, inspects food production factory worth EGP 1.5bn investments 

Reem Hosam El-din
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Tarek Kabil, the Minister of Trade and Industry, has visited Polaris Industrial zone in 6th October city to look at and inspect the accomplished projects.

During the visit, the minister met with the chairman of Polaris, and the chairman of SIAC, where the minister listened to an explanation of the industrial potential within the zone.

The Minister of Trade and Industry said that Polaris represents one of the most important and successful examples of industrial developers in Egypt, where the group was able to develop about 3.1 sqm that includes more than 80 major local and international companies with investments that exceeded EGP 20bn. The project has provided about 35,000 direct job opportunities. Tarek Kabil stressed that the area has contributed to attracting direct foreign investments to Egypt over the past period.

Kabil praised the efforts of Polaris. According to him, it turned the industrial area into an Eco-friendly area through obliging the factories working in the area to reduce their pollution to the area according to a certified system put forward by the Ministry of Environment.

The chairman of Polaris has expressed his confidence in the Egyptian economy and the keenness to continue attracting investments.

During his visit to Polaris, Kabil also checked Edita’s food factory which produced baked goods, cakes, and biscuits with Egyptian foreign investments worth EGP 1.5bn, and exports worth $10m annually. This factory provides nearly 3,000 job opportunities to Egyptians.

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