Hamas, Fatah say they’re positive after first round of reconciliation talks

Amira El-Fekki
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PM Ismail Haniyeh speaking during Friday prayers at Al Azhar mosque in Cairo in February 2012 (AFP File Photo)

Hamas said Wednesday that leader Ismail Haniyeh was briefed by head of the delegation in Cairo Saleh Alarury on reconciliation talks launched Tuesday at the headquarters of the Egyptian General Intelligence, to which Haniyeh said he felt comfortable and maintained the group’s stance on achieving reconciliation.

Fatah and Hamas resumed reconciliation talks in Cairo for the second day on Wednesday. Officials from both Palestinian factions described the secretly held meetings as positive. A joint statement published Tuesday by WAFA said the meeting discussed the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and means to end the suffering of its people.

The statement reminded that the first steps of implementing the reconciliation: Hamas dissolved its administrative bureau and the Fatah government entered the Gaza Strip.

“We seek dignity and prosperity for our people in Gaza and West Bank,” Hamas quoted its member participating in the talks as saying, as Izza Risheq tweeted that there was no other way but national unity to face challenges.

Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo Gamal Al-Shobaky asserted that President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Egyptian initiative for reconciliation represented a “historic opportunity” to end national division, WAFA reported Wednesday.


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