Supply Ministry receives 3.750m tonnes of local wheat

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Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade purchased 3.75 million tonnes of local wheat of high quality from farmers at prices ranging from EGP 555 to EGP 575 per ardeb since 15 April till mid-July, according to Minister Ali Moselhi.

Moselhi said that the ministry received about 3.4 million tonnes in favour of the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) in addition to 350,000 tonnes of solid wheat, the ministry provided to the pasta companies of the public and private sectors to buy to reduce the import bill and fix prices of pasta during the coming period.

Moselhi added that four government agencies contributed to the success of the supply season this year. The mills companies of the Food Industries Holding Company bought about 950,000 tonnes. The Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage bought about 1.560m tonnes. The General Company for Silos and Storage (GSSC) bought about 143,000 tonnes. Further, Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit (PBDAC) bought 697,000 tonnes.

The minister noted that all the dues of the farmers were paid, which amounted to about EGP13bn.

The daily supply rates varied throughout the season, reaching a peak on 13 June, with 129,000 tonnes in total. Sharqeya governorate was at the top of wheat supplying governorates with 543,256 tonnes, followed by Minya governorate at 314, 558 tonnes. Beni Suef governorate supplied 314,426 tonnes and then Beheira governorate at 263,483 tonnes, and Daqahleya supplied about 243,560 tonnes, and then quantities supplied from the rest of governorates varied, according to the minister.

The minister pointed out that the preparations and strict measures taken by the Ministry of Supply in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and governors in light of the observations monitored by the report of the fact-finding committee of wheat formed by the parliament last year contributed greatly to the success of the supply season.

The minister revealed that the Central Operations Chamber at the Supply Ministry followed up the supply process to ensure the safety of the procedures and facilitate access to the farmers’ dues.

“The parliament has prevented the theft of EGP 15bn this year in the supply of wheat,” said Yasser Omar, deputy of parliament’s Budget Committee.

The fact-finding committee was formed, last year, with the participation of a number of parliamentarians, to prevent corruption and another supply of wheat scandal.

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