Egypt condemns terror attack in Al-Qatif that left 2 killed, 10 injured

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The Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes in Yemen resumed hours after the end of Operation “Decisive Storm” was announced as Saudi Arabia revealed a new operation, “Restoring Hope”. (AFP/File, Hassan Ammar)

Egypt condemned a terror attack that occurred in Al-Qatif in Saudi Arabia and expressed its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, uttering wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured, according to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement on Saturday.

The terror attack took place in Al-Masoura City, killing two and injuring ten. Among the ten injured are four policemen.

Egypt asserted its support to Saudi Arabia in facingterrorism and extremism thataim at destabilizing its security and stability, according to the statement. The ministry expressed the country’s full support to Saudi Arabia in protecting its security and the safety of its citizens.

The statement also reiterated Egypt’s position regarding the need to unite international efforts to combat terrorism, stressing the importance of finding a comprehensive vision to stop the spread of this phenomenon, limitingits ability to attract new recruits, and drying up its sources of funding.

After one year of tensions between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi headed to the Gulf country two weeks ago, meeting with the Saudi King to affirm good relations and follow up on pending agreements.

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