Judge imprisoned for killing civilian in Nasr City 

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Egypt's judicial union is to boycott the constitutional referendum. (AFP / POOL / FILE PHOTO / GIL COHEN MAGEN)

East Cairo Prosecution renewed detention of a judge accused of killing a civilian named Mo’men Saad in a building in Nasr City for 15 days pending investigation and ordered lifting his judicial immunity, according to state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.

Both orders came after approval by the Supreme Judicial Council.

The judge shot Saad, who is an armed forces conscript, during a dispute between them in a building in Nasr City. The dispute between both sides started when Saad’s fiancée called him to defend her from the judge as he was harassing her.

Saad’s fiancée appeared in Wael El-Ibrashy’s talk show on privately owned channel Dream 2, narrating how the dispute started.

She said that Saad drove her to a building in Nasr City where she was scheduled to visit one of her mother’s friends for personal reasons. After finishing, she left, as her fiancé was waiting for her in his car, near the building.

When arriving at the building’s entrance, the judge, who was standing there, asked her about what she was doing in the building, to which she responded “none of your business.” The dispute escalated with Saad interfering and the confrontation turning into a heavy argument.

The judge shot Saad in the chest, leading to his rapid death. People gathered and reported the incident to the police, also calling an ambulance. The conscript’s fiancée, the judge, and three young people who were present at the scene wanted to take him to the nearest hospital but met the ambulance car on their way—an encounter during which the judge escaped, according to the victim’s fiancée.

During the investigations, the judge gave different versions of the story why he was approaching the woman. They included him finding the couple in a compromising situation and accusing her of being a thief.

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