Al-Qadi inaugurates Huawei’s regional centre to support innovation and training CSIC

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Huawei’s regional centre to support innovation and training was opened on Sunday. The centre will serve 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Moreover, the regional centre will provide integrated solutions, innovation support, and training for youth on the latest communication technologies, such as 4G and 5G, and the Internet of Things. The centre is located on an area of 450sqm, established at a cost of $5m.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology Yasser Al-Qadi noted that Huawei considers Egypt to be a strategic market, especially considering the new partnerships that the ministry concluded recently. He stressed that the ministry supports the manufacturing of Chinese products in Egypt, where the Chinese ambassador to Cairo praised the growth of the communication and information technology (CIT) sector in Egypt.

the Chinese Ambassador, Song Aiguo, pledged full support to Huawei’s development in Egypt stating, “Huawei is considered a leading pioneer for Chinese enterprises seeking overseas development.
We will continue to support Huawei’s drive to bring more benefits to the Egyptian people by providing advanced ICT products and services.” From his side, CEO of Huawei Egypt, Terry Liu, said: “Huawei has always been committed to understanding the latest trends and creating innovative solutions to master the challenges that might face our customers in Egypt. We will continue moving towards empowering Egypt’s digital transformation, exploring new innovative ideas for local enterprises, industries and operators.
With the help of the CSIC, we will continue our innovation mission in Egypt, bringing our global experiences to the region, serving more needs of the ICT industry.” Terry said, “With the rapid growth of ICT industry in Egypt, Huawei will double our effort to play a major role in developmental contribution. Huawei will continue to provide quality products, services and solutions to customers for our confidence that Egypt is a regional investment promising market.” In response to the recent media report of relocation of Huawei’s regional headquarters, Terry said: “Our regional office is planning to send some employees to Morocco based on business needs.
It is the function of the regional office to allocate and adjust human resources to support the whole region. However, this will not affect our commitment to and strategy in Egypt.” “We always see Egypt as one of our most strategically important markets and attaches great importance to local human and technical resources in the country. We will continue investment in Egypt .The opening of the regional CSIC today is part of our commitment to increase investment in Egypt. Besides, we are building a regional OpenLab in Egypt, which would be a new center of excellence to foster joint, customer and business-driven ICT innovation with local partners. We are in the process of preparing for more capacity building programs in cooperation with universities, government departments and local partners in Egypt. Last month, we signed a MOU with Ain Shams University to set up Huawei Academy. Besides, we will launch again Seeds for the Future program in Egypt, which is Huawei’s global flagship CSR program,” said Terry.

Chinese company has submitted a proposal to establish a fibre optic manufacturing factory at one of the technological parks, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Yasser Al-Qadi told Daily News Egypt.


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