293 ships transit the Suez Canal in 6 days carrying 15.3m tonnes

Mohamed Ahmed
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Government running behind in Suez Canal Area Development Project

Suez Canal traffic data showed that 293 ships transited the canal, with a total load of 15.3m tonnes, in the last six days of last week.

An average of 48.83 ships transited the canal per day during that period, with an average load of 2.55m tonnes per day. The average load per ship was about 52,220 tonnes during that period.

Compared to July 2015, before the inauguration of the New Suez Canal, the average daily number of transiting vessels totalled 47 vessels, with an average load of 2.758m tonnes per day.

Three major Danish container ships—Maribo Maersk, Marit Marersk, and Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller—transited the channel carrying 200,000 tonnes each.

The number of vessels that passed coming from the west through the northern entrance was 159 vessels, with a daily average of 26.5 vessels, and a total load of 8m tonnes, recording a daily average of 1.33m tonnes.

Meanwhile, 134 ships transited the new channel coming from the south, with a daily average of 22.33 vessels, and a total load of 7.3m tonnes, recording a daily average of 1.22m tonnes.

Suez Canal revenues dropped by 4.7% in November year-over-year, down to $389.2m from $408.4m, according to Egypt’s Information Portal (EIP).

Cargo load is the main measure of shipping traffic in the Suez Canal and the calculated transit fees.

The following table shows traffic through the Suez Canal in that period:

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