2 Egyptians qualify for the President Gold Cup Squash Tournament semifinals 

Maya Nawar
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Photo by Kim Roberts

The President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament 2017’s quarterfinals concluded its matches on Wednesday. Egyptians Mohamed Reda and Karim Ali Fathi made it to the semifinals.

Reda qualified for the semifinals after he defeated his compatriot Karim El-Hammamy in the quarterfinals, by a score of 3-0 (11-5/11-6/11-5).

As for Fathi, he qualified for the semifinals thanks to his victory against Pakistan’s Israr Ahmed in the quarterfinals, by 3-0 (11-9/11-6/11-5).

The semifinal matches will be celebrated on Thursday, where Fathi will play against Hong Kong’s Leo Au, while Reda will play against Pakistan’s Farhan Mehboob.

Fathi, ranked 42nd internationally, is expected to face a hard match against Au, who is ranked 31st internationally. Au has yet to lose a single game in this tournament.

At the first round, Au won the match against Egyptian Shehab Essam by 3-0 (11-4/11-6/1-0). Essam retired in the third game due to injury.

At the quarter finals, Au was the reason Pakistani Farhan Zaman exited the tournament, as Zaman lost to Au by 3-0 (11-7/11-5/11-6).

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