Cairo Criminal Court hands harsh prison sentences for 104 defendants in Al-Dahar clashes

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Cairo Criminal Court handed 77 defendants 10 year prison sentences, and 27 other defendants 7 year prison sentences during their retrial for their involvement in the Al-Dahar clashes, the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.

The 104 defendants have also been fined EGP 20,000 each.

The defendants have previously had their harsh prison sentences revoked, and were referred to a different judicial panel for retrial.

In May 2014, the old judicial panel handed 102 defendants 10 years prison sentences, while the other two defendants received seven year sentences. All defendants were also fined EGP 20,000 each police were ordered to monitor the defendants for a five year period after serving their sentences.

The general prosecution accused the defendants of amassing crowds with the purpose of assaulting people and attacking public property, s well as using force and committing murder.

The Al-Dahar clashes took place following the dispersal of the Rabaa and Al-Nahda protests that were arranged by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in 2013 in rejection for former president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster.

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