Electricity Ministry contracts with 4 companies to supply 1m pre-paid electricity metres

Mohamed Farag
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The Ministry of Electricity has agreed with four companies to supply 1m electricity metres that are pre-paid.

Husseiny El-Far, a full-time member of the companies’ distribution affairs, said that it agreed with El Sewedy Electrometer, Iskraemeco, Globaltronics, and Maasara to provide 1m electricity metres. The decision came after examining the technical and financial offers they made.

He told Daily News Egypt that each company will receive a portion of the supply of the million metres. Official letters were sent to each company, where the supply procedures will take place next week.

El-Far explained that prepaid metres allow for monitoring and rationalising of consumption, where the metre’s monitor shows all the data related to the remaining credit (kw/hour), and its value in pounds, as well as the remaining days with credit. There is also the possibility of recognising the user’s electricity consumption category. There is also a button on the monitor that can display the contracting capacity.

He said that the prepayment metre will eliminate the metre-reading problems experienced by many people, because it uses smart cards and prevents theft of electricity, as well as providing massive amounts of fuel used in generating electricity.

El-Far pointed out that the metre has a small lamp which warns the subscriber when his balance reaches 25%. It flashes when the balance reaches 10%, so that the subscriber can recharge the smart card.

He added that the subscriber can recharge the smart card in the company’s centres at any time, pointing out that the people do not need to wait until this card’s balance finishes. In such cases, the new balance will be added to the existing balance in the master card.

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