Electricity Ministry to select from Elsewedy Electric, State Grid to establish Samalut-Naga Hammadi transmission lines

Mohamed Farag
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The Ministry of Electricity is to choose between the State Grid Corporation of China and Egypt’s Elsewedy Electric to establish a transmission line from Samalut to Naga Hammadi with a capacity of 500 kV.

Sources at the Ministry of Electricity said the technical committee for the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) will meet on Tuesday to review the prices submitted from both companies. Commissioning the project will be led by one company with direct contracting. The source pointed out that so far, Elsewedy Electric seems to have the better offer.

The commissioned company will establish 1,200 electric towers to strengthen the electricity distribution to Upper Egypt with a voltage of 380 kV. The project is set to be completed by June.

The Ministry of Electricity has allocated EGP 33bn over the coming two years to improve and support the electricity grid in order to accommodate the new capacities.

The plan includes supporting the transmission lines with an estimated value of EGP 18bn, while distribution lines have been allocated EGP 15bn.

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker said the plan aims to include the new capacities generated from projects in the Urgent Plan from 2015, as well as all three of Siemens’ projects in Beni Suef, Borollos, and the New Administrative Capital.

The total investment cost of the project amounts to $750m, funded by Chinese banks through the EPC+Finance scheme, which holds banks responsible for implementing the project and securing funding, while the Ministry of Electricity repays the loans and interest.


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