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Court upholds charges of insulting Islam against writer Fatima Naoot - Daily News Egypt

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Court upholds charges of insulting Islam against writer Fatima Naoot

Naoot receives a reduced suspended sentence of six months

Sayeda Zeinab Misdemeanour Court reduced on Thursday a three-year prison verdict against writer Fatima Naoot to a suspended six-month sentence for charges of contempt of Islam, state-owned media Al-Ahram reported.

The writer was initially sentenced to three years in prison and a EGP 20,000 fine. This came after a lawsuit was filed against her for posting Facebook comments on animal sacrifice, for which she was accused of mocking religious rituals.

However, in her comments, Naoot didn’t criticise the ritual, but rather unpleasant scenes of slaughtered animals and blood on the streets.

Charges of contempt of religion has raised controversy among freedom defenders who demanded the abolishment of the crime, claiming it is being used to oppress freedom of speech.

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    “Contempt of Islam” is a farce in a country which practices a perverted sect of the religion imposed by the Wahhabi donors having nothing to do with real faith. As to “mocking religious rituals”; sadly Islam in Egypt and the Arab region is reduced to nothing but rituals and myths, which deserve mocking for not evolving from the 7th century to the 21st. Ms Naoot should be given a medal not a jail term for questioning these backward rituals, but hey, this is Egypt where everyone is entitled to a jail term whatever the crime of the season!

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