Housewife detained for calling for protests on 11 November

Adham Youssef
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The State Security Prosecution ordered on Sunday the detention of a housewife, Shirin Bekhit, 33, for 15 days pending investigation, as she is accused of calling for protests on 11 November.

Bekhit, a mother of four, is also facing accusations of belonging to an illegal group and plotting against the state and the Constitution.

She was arrested from her house last Tuesday night, and reportedly disappeared for 48 hours before she was located at the National Security Apparatus.

Human Rights Monitor presented a report to the Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED) citing the disappearance of Bekhit and condemned the act, describing it as “an attempt to silence all political opposition and criticism directed at the policies of the current governing power”.

Human Rights Monitor said that police forces were staging a raid in Menoufiya governorate and aimed to arrest her husband, Hani Fakharany. Bekhit was arrested instead, without any legal permission. In addition, the group reported that the forces confiscated some personal items and destroyed furniture.

After the arrest of Bekhit, the Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Mohamed Montaser condemned the act as well as other cases in which women are detained: “For women to be subjected to such hideous acts is a moral and societal crime. Whoever decides upon these cases will pay a high price, and will be obliged to face popular anger as they violated their honour.”

On Friday, some of the minor protests organised by the pro-Morsi Anti Coup Alliance (ACA) chanted against the arrest of Bekhit.

Several arrests have taken place in recent days, orchestrated by the National Security Apparatus, who is accusing suspects of planning for a “popular uprising” to protest the sharp increase in the cost of food products.

On the government side, Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar asserted last week that security apparatuses are ready to face all challenges and will not be affected by rumours or allegations issued every now and then regarding 11 November.

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