Controlled detonation of 2 IEDs in Al-Arish: North Sinai police

Daily News Egypt
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Two improvised explosive devices (IED) were safely detonated in Al-Arish city, according to a statement from the security directorate of the tumultuous North Sinai governorate on Monday morning.

The explosives were planted to target police forces carrying out ongoing security sweeps around the coastal road west of Al-Arish.

“The explosives detection department in North Sinai Security Directorate detonated an IED containing 30kg of TNT near Al-Arish Fourth District Police Department,” the statement read.

The second IED weighed 35kg and was found in front of El-Hagn in Al-Arish, according to the statement.

Although state security forces, represented in the army and the police, continue to claim that regular security sweeps have succeeded in eliminating major militant stationing points in North Sinai, the activity of “Sinai Province” still has a significant impact.

The group often uses improvised explosive devices (IED) to carry out attacks on army and police check points across the cities of North Sinai.

Since 2013, following the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, “Sinai Province” has launched dozens of deadly attacks against army stationing points.

In 2014, the Egyptian Armed Forces launched a counter-insurgency campaign targeting militants in North Sinai, though the group still represents a “chronic headache” to the current regime.


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