Vodafone provides best mobile browsing quality in July

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

The quality of internet browsing in Greater Cairo improved in July compared to May and June, according to a report on mobile internet services by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA). Of 11,400 browsing tests that were conducted, only five were disconnected.

According to the report, Vodafone ranked first in terms of quality of internet browsing, as zero browsing tests failed on its network out of 3,831 total tests. Orange ranked second as two out of 3,973 browsing tests were disconnected. Etisalat came last with three disconnected browsing tests out of 3,692 total tests; none of these tests were blocked.

NTRA conducted also 5,677 tests to connect to the internet through the three mobile networks.

The report showed that of the 1,981 attempts to connect through the Orange network, none were disconnected or blocked. Neither Vodafone nor Etisalat had any disconnected or blocked connections either across 1,871 tests for the former, and 1,825 for the latter.

The report also showed that the quality of video streaming services improved in Greater Cairo in July compared to June and May.

Across a total of 5,400 video streaming tests, the report showed that Orange was ranked first as none of the 1,969 tests were disconnected or blocked. Vodafone’s service was tested 1,635 times, one of which was disconnected while six were blocked. Etisalat came in third place after two tests out of 1,825 were disconnected and 10 were blocked.

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