Egypt to compensate families of Mexican victims in 2015 bombing

Taha Sakr
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The families of the eight Mexican tourists killed by mistake in Egypt last year will be compensated, Mexico’s foreign ministry declared in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement asserted that the families had reached an agreement with the Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA) to receive compensation.

In September 2015, the eight Mexicans tourists were killed by mistake after coming under heavy fire from an Egyptian aircraft in the western desert. Egyptian security forces said they had mistaken the tour group for terrorists.

The agreement between the families’ lawyers and the ETAA stipulates that the latter will pay “financial compensation” to the victims’ families after the end of Eid Al-Adha. The agreement was reached after the intervention of both governments, according to the statement.

ETAA is a union of the local tourism chambers of commerce. It represents the tourism industry and is not officially part of the Egyptian government.

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