Countries with the highest usage of illegal film-streaming sites

Deutsche Welle
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The content protection and market tracking company MUSO has found out where most internet users use illegal film-streaming sites.
Taking the fifth spot is Spain, home to good food and bulls. According to the content protection and market tracking company MUSO many Spaniards are home watching movies on the internet – illegally. An anaylsis of major international piracy sites in 2015 showed that over 22 percent of Spanish internet users are involved.

In fourth place is Croatia. A popular location for movie shoots, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones. And Croatians seem eager to watch the results – for free. Nearly 23 percent of Croatian users are visiting illegal film-streaming sites.

The third spot goes to Lithuania. Users here seem reluctant to spend their newly adopted euros on streaming movies. About one quarter of Lithuanian online users enjoyed content without paying for it in 2015.

In second place is Bulgaria. In this former communist state over 27 percent of internet users are watching movies online without paying for the content they view.

The number one pirate nation is Latvia. The Baltic republic has a long seafaring tradition. Maybe that’s what makes the pirate’s life seem so appealing. Nearly half of Latvian users watched films illegally in 2015.

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