Exam monitoring authority denies leak of second round chemistry exam

Taha Sakr
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The ChaoMing Facebook page circulated on Wednesday morning a photocopy of the chemistry exam for the second round of thanaweyya amma exams.

The answers of the exam were available on the ChaoMing Facebook page, on which students were able to engage and ask questions for clarification regarding specific answers.

Since the beginning of the second round of thanaweyya amma exams this week, exams have been leaked from exam locations inside schools, according to a previous statement issued by the Education Ministry following the leak of the second-round Arabic language exam.

The Education Ministry’s central administration assigned to monitor exam operations throughout Egypt asserted on Wednesday to Daily News Egypt that no leak of the chemistry exam occured.

The ChaoMing Facebook page stirred much controversy during the first round of thanaweyya amma exams held in June, as it leaked several exams and threatened to modify students’ exam results.

On Tuesday morning, answers to the physics exam for the second round of exams, along with a photocopy of the exam itself, circulated on the ChaoMing Facebook page. The exam was leaked directly after it began.

On Saturday, answers of the Arabic language exam for the second round of exams were leaked on ChaoMing. Following the leak, the Ministry of Education took action against the incident and issued a statement in which it revealed details about how the exam was leaked.

The exam papers are believed to have been leaked by a number of students who were present for the exams and took pictures of the exam paper and published it on social media outlets, according to the ministry’s statement.

The ministry clarified that a student leaked the exam one hour after it was administered, adding that he was referred to investigation after his role in the incident was revealed

Since the beginning of the first round of exams in early June, all exams have been leaked on social media either prior to or during the exam administration time, though the Education Ministry has denied some of the leaks.

Consequently, four subjects from the first round of exams were postponed from their original time to early July due to the leak of the dynamics exam—part of the mathematics exam. The decision triggered controversy and sparked protests as the exam content was leaked for a second time following an initial postponement.

Students increased in number in front of Al-Mounira School to protest repeating the exams and to call for the dismissal of the minister of education.

More than 20 people have been arrested on charges of leaking exam papers on the internet since early June. The arrests came as part of a crackdown on exam fraud.


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