Brazil promises to present outstanding Olympic Games

Maya Nawar
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There are 11,360 players participating in the ongoing Olympic Games, competing in 28 sports.

Brazil dedicated about 47,000 police officers and 38,000 soldiers to be stationed at the events in order to guarantee the safety of 500,000 visitors who came to witness the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro witnessed a magnificent opening ceremony in the Maracanã Stadium. The stadium hosted 80,000 spectators, of whom 45 were state leaders and government officials from around the world.

What made Rio de Janeiro’s Summer Olympics special is the participation of the Refugee Olympic Team. Ten athletes from all over the world, who had sought refuge in other countries, are playing under the Olympic flag. Two competitors are Syrian swimmers: Yousra Mardini and Ramy Anis.

Despite the recent difficult circumstances that affected the health sector, sports foundations, and political situation in Brazil, the country promised the world that this year’s Olympic Games will be exceptional.


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