ArabyAds aims to expand affiliate marketing services in Gulf region

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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CEO, Salah Moustafa, ArabyAds

ArabyAds is planning to expand its services in the Gulf region over the next period. The company’s CEO, Salah Moustafa, said that ArabyAds aims to spread the business of affiliate marketing in Egypt and the Middle East.

Moustafa sees affiliate marketing as more effective and cost efficient than regular marketing strategies. This new e-marketing helps create jobs and increase young people’s income by providing them with a productive way to use their free time.

What services does ArabyAds provide?

ArabyAds started in the Egyptian market in 2013 as a company specialised in e-marketing. Our activity is focused on a new way of marketing: affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is attracting customers to companies via the internet in different sectors, especially e-commerce.

We are a marketing agency that provides e-marketing services to customers, relying on a wide base of young people who work with us on commission through the affiliate marketing system.

What is the affiliate marketing system and how does it work?

Marketing by commission is a marketing activity in which the business owner pays for the marketer, who works on commission according to the number of visitors or customers who buy from the business owner’s website.

In affiliate marketing, marketers promote the products of other people, both companies and individuals, through a mechanism called Tracking ID. If a visitor completes a purchase with the company through the marketer’s link, the advertisers pay commission to the marketer.

What makes this service different to the other marketing services?

It is a win-win situation for both advertisers and marketers. Advertisers sell more of their products and marketers increase their income through the commission they take for promoting these products. Moreover, marketing by commission costs less and effects more than other means of marketing.

The marketers take their commission in accordance with the target customers’ response, as agreed on with the advertisement’s owners. Depending on the agreement, commission if the customers click on the ad, register their data, or buy the products.

What are the standards and requirements for individual marketers?

They must be young people who are able to navigate the internet. Those with experience in e-marketing, even if only basic experience, are preferred. In addition, we look to hire professionals who will push the company’s growth forward, as well as beginner marketers who are trained through workshops held periodically.

We will hold a workshop next week named El-Mahata El-Gaya, which is expected to be attended by 250 individual marketers and will discuss the idea of affiliate marketing, as it is new concept in Egypt and other Arab countries.

How much money can these marketers make and how do they receive their salary?

The revenue is determined in accordance with the efficiency of the marketers’ work. The more customers they attract to the products they are responsible for, the more commission they obtain. Revenues range between $1,000 and $100,000 per month.

Marketers receive their commission via bank transfer, PayPal, or the Egypt Post, and in the case that we are not able to provide their commission in US dollars, we give them the equivalent amount in Egyptian pounds. We have now 1,000 marketers registered in our data base, and we are targeting to double that number by the end of this year.

Who are the most prominent customers to whom you provide affiliate marketing services?

We provide our services to more than 50 customers in the Egyptian market and the Gulf region. The most prominent are Jumia, Volvo, Otlob,,, Jobzella, Uber, and General Motors. We are seeking to expand our services further in the Gulf region in the coming period as a prelude to moving to the European market.

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